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The Kenneth Michaels Co. provides consulting services within the functional areas of sales, marketing, business development and account management and the domain areas of records and information technology management.  Kenneth Michaels specializes in providing business development and capture management strategies and associated activities for winning public and private sector market opportunities.  We offer comprehensive solutions for organizations that desire to increase top-line results, expand market position, and acquire new customers.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting, advisory, and contract services.

Maturity Assessment  and Alignment

Fact-based assessment essential to establishing an accurate portrait of your current starting position and identifying areas for improvement in order to align to the market and optimize your sales and capture models for success.

Sales and Capture Management

Calibrate your revenue generation processes to drive results.  We help you size and construct scalable processes derived from industry best practices and standards.  We offer sales and capture management training and education.

Business Intelligence and Analysis

Get smarter by leveraging market tools and vehicles to aggregate relevant data for manufacturing business intelligence.

Records & Information Technology Mgmt.

We have over 20 years of industry experience and can provide subject matter expertise and domain knowledge to support your business.

Contract Services and Hands-On Support

We'll jump-in when you need us and not break your budget by offering flexible pricing plans that work for you. Whether you need sales training, capture support or records and information management expertise, we'll deliver.

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